E-Bot Pro


iPad compatible portable reading, writing and distance video magnifier… with full-page OCR! Display directly on your iPad screen via dedicated Wi-Fi wireless access point and use common touch-screen gestures to adjust the magnification level and image color, capture an image or OCR a document. . . and even control the camera movement. Or, connect with a Mac via USB 3.0 or PC via USB 2.0/3.0, or a TV or computer monitor with HDMI.

Features & Highlights

  • Electronic Camera Movement Control
    Move the camera and adjust magnification using the integrated joystick on the remote control or by using touch-screen gestures on your tablet. E-bot PRO will even remember your place on your reading document when you switch between far and near view. Students will stay engaged with a classroom lecture and employees focus their attention on the presentation with the aid of E-bot PRO’s automated near-to-far or far-to-near camera with position memory.
  • Full-page OCR Scan and Read
    OCR capture an entire page then listen in either a male or female voice as well as set your speech rate and volume. E-bot PRO features a secondary, dedicated camera for OCR that ensures a great-quality scan whether in a classroom, office or home environment.
  • Save OCR Text, Captured Images and Videos to a built-in SD Card
    OCR and save pages from a textbook, newspaper or magazine, capture and save an image, or record a video of the teacher writing on a whiteboard or a display on a smart-board.
  • Convenient Portable Magnifier
    Bring E-bot PRO wherever you want to use it. E-bot PRO is lightweight and easily folds into a compact size.
  • Exclusive iPad and Android Tablet Compatibility – Completely Wireless!
    Display E-bot PRO’s image directly on your iPad or Android tablet. Quickly and effortlessly connect your tablet via a dedicated Wi-Fi connection, without any wires or cables!  This reduces desktop clutter and tangled cables.
  • Close-Up and Distance Viewing
    View a book or document on your desk or a presentation on a board or screen across the room. Switch between the two without losing the respective  magnification level, image setting or display contrast in reading or distance view.
  • Familiar Touch-screen Gestures
    Increase or decrease the zoom level, change text and background color, adjust contrast, initiate an OCR scan, pause and resume OCR text-to-speech reading, and more  using familiar pinch and swipe gestures. This intuitive user-interface means anyone from elementary school students to seniors with vision loss can learn to use E-bot quickly and with very little instruction.
  • USB 3.0
    Transmit fast, high-quality images to your desktop or laptop PC or Mac.
  • Auto Brightness
 in Addition to Built-in LED Lighting that Illuminates the Surface of the Reading Area
    An integrated light sensor automatically detects the light in your surroundings and adjusts for a clear, high-contrast reading or writing image.
  • Rechargeable Battery
    Use E-bot PRO for more than 4 hours on a single charge.
  • Remote Control
    All functions are available via an intuitive wireless remote control that features a multi-speed joystick to control the camera movement  To read across a line of text or pan around a classroom or conference room in distance view.
  • Built-in OCR
    Use the built-in OCR to capture and read documents even without a PC or tablet attached, and listen to text read aloud using E-bot PRO’s built-in speaker.

Technical Specifications

Model # EB100P
Camera Motorized joystick or touch-screen control, HD, 60fps
Video Output Wi-Fi: iPad, Android Tablet, Windows PC
USB 3.0/2.0: Windows / USB 3.0: Mac / HDMI: TV, Monitor
Viewing Modes Near View, Distance View
Magnification 9.7” (Tablet): 0.8x ~ 35x / 17” (Laptop): 1.5x ~ 69x / 24” (Monitor): 2.2x ~ 97x
Audio Built-in voice guide, speaker, earphone jack, volume control
Color Modes 8 modes (7 user-definable from 56 possible color combinations)
Features / Settings Focus Lock, Find Reading Location, Contrast, Line Markers and Windows, Auto-Scroll, Deskew/Perspective Correction
User Interface Options
Touch-screen (with tablets), remote control, keyboard, mouse
OCR Full-Page OCR or screen capture OCR from built-in dedicated camera
LED Light Choose lights on or lights off, automatic brightness control
Storage/Saving SD card slot supports saving images as .JPG and OCR text as .TXT or .JPG
Battery Rechargeable, removable Lithium-Ion battery, 4-hour battery life
Case Custom backpack carry case included
Size Folded: 9.3” W x 15.9” L x 2.7” H
Unfolded: 9.3” W x 15.9” L x 15.2” H
Weight 6.8 lbs
Warranty Two-years limited parts & labor warranty


This product is available from Digital Apex for customers in Arizona and Utah only.


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