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Do you need help deciding which products will work best for you and/or how to use those you already have?

A vast array of assistive technology exist to help people with vision loss access information. We specialize in identifying, from among that sea of products, those which will meet the individual needs of you, your family member or employee, and give them the ability to access information, both printed and electronic, regardless of his or her level of vision loss.

Digital Apex Solutions

At Home

It is very important to identify the type of technology and specific product that will be best for each person in their environment, as everyone has specific needs and goals. This can only be done by conducting an in home assessment to identify the tools that are most appropriate to accommodate your family member’s level and type of vision loss, those which will help to achieve his or her goals, and those which will help to maintain or regain independence. Sometimes these assessments are short and informal and sometimes they are more complex and formalized. Doing that for all ranges of vision loss and personal circumstances is one of our specialties and an area in which we have vast experience. Mark Nelson, who does the assessments, has been doing them for twenty years for all ages of people and has taught the topic at the Master’s level at Portland State University and the University of Arizona.

At School

Your child’s school is responsible for ensuring your child has the assistive technology and adapted educational materials needed to access a free and public education. Determining your child’s need begins with a series of assessments. Digital Apex can provide the assessment to determine your child’s need as regards assistive technology. We can also provide, install, configure and support your child’s technology. Finally, we can provide you, your child, and your child’s teacher with instruction on how to use the technology. If you need help understanding the special education process or IEPs, contact the Department of Education, Parent Information Network.

At Work

The best and most difficult thing about technology is that it is constantly changing. Those changes result in better products for those you serve, but it’s nearly impossible for your staff to keep up.

Over time assistive technology programs can easily fall into a pattern of providing services around the same products and using the same methods because it’s too hard to learn all the new stuff.

This is hard on the organization and the staff who want to innovate and grow.

Mark Nelson, the owner of Digital Apex has over twenty years of experience in starting, growing and innovating assistive technology programs. We can help you reach your dreams and goals for your program.

We start with an assessment of where you are now: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then we listen to your ideas, dreams and goals. Next, we apply our knowledge to your situation and goals to create a roadmap that will lead you to success. Finally, we coach you through the implementation process until you are ready to continue on your own again.

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Digital Apex Services


Personalized assessments to determine an individual’s product / service needs based on: skill level, work / home environment, and desired tasks to be performed. 


Full service product installations, configurations, and placement based on each individual’s needs in the home, school and workplace. 


One on One customer instruction on the use of assistive technology products in conjunction with general technology products. (Windows, iPad, iPhone, computers, e-mail, etc.)

Scripting | mapping | aping

Advanced product customization and programming that make your assistive technology products perform as you need them to “out of the box.”


Have you ever purchased a product and then sought support only to find the company who sold it cannot or will not support it? At Digital Apex, we take pride in providing unrivaled customer support.


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