Humanware Reveal 16i with XY table


Reveal 16i is a unique, smart, all-in-one digital magnifier delivering superb image quality along with access to thousands of Google applications, online reading libraries and other resources to help you stay productive and connected. With up to 10x live optical zoom and up to 45x digital magnification, you can enjoy best-in-class image quality showcased on a large 16-inch touchscreen.


Manufacturer part number: FGPG-1303 Category:


Reveal 16i is a distinctive, next generation, low-vision magnifier and personal computer rolled into one. It delivers uncompromised and outstanding image quality with the tools to keep you effective and engaged in all your educational, professional and recreational activities.

In addition to optical character recognition (OCR), with the award-winning Diamond Edge? font delivering text with amazing clarity, and text-to-speech (TTS), to read aloud, you can enlarge print documents, read books from online libraries, write documents, send emails and navigate the Internet. Switch to the Android interface and you can access Dropbox, Google Classroom, or any other social, news, or entertainment apps you like.

Reveal 16i features an adjustable 16-inch screen and a powerful camera. To view distant objects such as artwork, a whiteboard, or a beautiful outdoor landscape, simply point the camera in the desired direction. Designed for students, professionals and active retirees, the Reveal 16i will keep you engaged in today?s fast-paced world and connected to your family and friends.